Post Senior Lecturer
Email Address iabalogun[at]
Telephone +234-803-919-4212; +234-813-223-5654
Nationality NIGERIA
Affiliations Department of Meteorology, School of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Federal University of Technology,Akure Nigeria
Education B.Tech (Meteorology), M.Tech (Meteorology), PhD (Applied Meteorology)
Background I am an applied meteorologist with expertise in biometeorology, urban climate, air quality and climate change. I have devoted myself to self developing and learning skills in the above subjects. My Bachelor’s and Master’s degree focused on investigating the possibility of using global ocean parameters (SSTs) and (SOI) for seasonal rainfall prediction in Nigeria. My doctoral research focused on urbanisation impacts on local climate and air quality. Currently, I focus on understanding multifaceted roles of cities in modifying weather, climate, and air quality. It entails urban climate and biometeorology studies with suggestions on how such research may be usefully employed at various scales of urban management by architects, environmentalists, urban planners, health sector and decision / policy makers. My research also involves mitigation measures that can be applied to combat climate-related urbanisation induced problems and climate change impacts. I have specific interest in monitoring, assessing, quantifying and modeling urban impacts and land use-land cover influences on climate, air quality and the inhabitants.